Composting is one of the best ways you can be environmentally-friendly at home. If you like to garden, this is a huge bonus to have nutrient-rich soil.

Composting is when you combine kitchen scraps with yard and gardening debris. These organic materials break down over time to create a rich, crumbly soil. The scientific process is a combination of heat, nutrient mix, moisture and oxygen.

LA Compost has a guide and plenty of resources to get you started. The organization is a network of community composters throughout the county. See the map below for where to locate the network’s compost hub locations.

With their team of educators and soil enthusiasts, any county resident can sign-up to a compost at one of their hubs and learn a great deal.

You can choose to bring your food scraps to one of their community compost hubs. These are shared spaces in gardens, schools, parks, places of worship and places of work. Currently LA Compost has five of these locations, one in South LA, two in downtown LA, one in East LA and one in the San Fernando Valley.

They are also testing community compost-co-ops. This involvement requires more commitment and responsibility. You sign a contract and volunteer four hours a year minimum to maintain membership. This process allows residents to compost at the larger community scale. There are several of these sites located around LA County, including Marina del Rey and Topanga.

For more information, visit their website.

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