Feed People - Not Landfills

FoodCycle is a nonprofit food recovery organization focused on using innovative technology to connect surplus food with hungry people.

To maximize our impact, we introduced the Chowmatch app in 2019 to recover and route excess food and to incorporate volunteers into the process. FoodCycle worked with Hack for LA to create the Food Oasis database – a resource to help hungry users find food and to help us direct food to where it is most needed. During 2020 we were able to use this resource to prioritize directing more food to the food deserts of Los Angeles, areas that were most impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. In 2020 FoodCycle worked with over 134 different organizations distributing food. This collaborative model allowed us to increase our diversion by over 1000%, and respond to growing food insecurity in the wake of the pandemic.
In order to reduce the environmental impact of rescuing food, we have introduced the use of electric vehicles in our food recovery operations. Recently, FoodCycle has partnered with Winnow systems to create our Towards Zero Waste Pilot Program. This pilot will introduce Winnow waste prevention technology into commercial kitchens, to help track and reduce food waste. FoodCycle will recover any edible food and direct all inedible food waste into composting.
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