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    Matt Sanderson

    In an effort to help the national campaign to reduce food waste, a Chinese restaurant chain started weighing diners and suggested menu items based on their customers’ physique.

    The popular Hunan chain Chiuyan Fried Beef eventually faced online backlash and accusations of fat shaming and issued an apology.

    The guide recommended customers order different dishes based on the person’s weight and the calorie content of the food. For example, women weighing less than 40 kilograms (88 pounds) were recommended the chain’s signature beef dish and a fish head, while men weighing more than 80 kilograms (175 pounds) were recommended dishes including braised pork belly.

    Signs around the restaurant encouraged diners to “clean your plate” and “be thrifty and diligent.”

    With China confronting its own alarming food waste statistics, this is an interesting approach to curb food waste and food portioning/consumption!

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